Visa and Residence Permit

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Information on Foreign Residence Permit and Visa (Beijing Area)

1. International students who plan to study at UCAS for more than one year (including one year) are to apply for an "X" visa before coming to China. Those who plan to study at UCAS for less than one year are to apply for an "X" or "F" visa.

2. Those with an "X" visa are required to apply for the Foreign Residence Permit within 30 days after your arrival in China. If you fail to apply for the Permit within the 30 days, you will be fined at least RMB 5000 Yuan by the Beijing Public Security Bureau. Once a residence permit is applied, it will automatically serve as a multi entry visa within the valid period.

3. If you live outside campus, you are required to go to a local police station (Pai Chu Suo) to register and get a Residence Registration Certificate within 24 hours after you move into a apartment. To apply for this Certificate, you need to go together with the landlord, who takes his or her ID, and Property Ownership Document of the apartment.

4. To apply for the Foreign Residence Permit you need to firstly get the Foreigner's Health Certificate issued by the Beijing Health & Quarantine Bureau (BHQB). If you have taken the physical examination back in your country, you may take the examination results, your passport, and one passport photo to the Beijing Health & Quarantine Bureau to get the conformed Foreigner’s Health Certificate.

a) To confirm the Health Examination Results to get the Health Certificate, Please go to the BHQB with these documents: 1) original Health Examination Results, 2) Admission Letter or Student ID Card, 3) one passport photo, 4) Confirmation Fee of RMB 60 Yuan. 5) Time: Morning and Afternoon, Monday through Friday. Please note that BHQB will determine the validity of the original Health Examination Results according to its standard. Therefore, it’s possible that it requires you to take another health examination.

b) If you haven’t taken the Health Examination back in your country or BHQB does not agree to the validity of your Examination Result, you have to take the health examination at BHQB. In this case, you should bring these documents: 1) Admission Letter or Student ID Card; 2) Two passport photos; 3) Examination Fee of RMB 343 Yuan for student; 4) Passport; 5) Don’t eat breakfast. 6) Time: 8:00—10:30 AM, Monday through Friday.

c) Suggestions: Since you have no absolute idea of BHQB’s idea on the validity of the Examination Results, we strongly recommend that you go to BHQB in the morning without eating breakfast, bring all the documents listed in a) and b).

5. After you have got the Outside Campus Living Certificate (if you live outside campus) and the Foreigner’s Health Certificate, you can apply for the Foreign Residence Permit by yourself at the Entry & Exit Administration, Beijing Public Security Bureau (BPSP), which is 500 meters in the east from the Lama Temple Station of Beijing Subway (Address: No2, Andingmen Dong Dajie, East District, Beijing) (Chinese: 北京市公安局出入境管理处,地址:东城区安定门东大街2) with the following documents:

a) Foreigner's Health Certificate

b) Ordinary Passport (Official passport should be changed to ordinary passport)

c) Visa or Residence Permit Application Form authorized by UCAS International Students Office (ISO).

d) Official Letter from ISO and Admission Notice.

e) 2 passport photos

f) Residence Registration Certificate (if applicable)

6. The time expansion of scholarship students' Residence Permit depends on your scholarship and that of self-supporting students depends on your payment of tuition and fees. You must leave China when your visa is due, therefore if you want to continue your study in China, you should apply for visa extension before it expires. If there is any alteration in your Residence Permit, you should handle it within 10 days of the alteration. Failure in observing the regulations will result in a penalty.

7. If you need to study in a university in another city than Beijing, you need to apply for moving out of Beijing at BPSB with the Admission Notice of that university and an application form authorized by UCAS. Upon your arrival in that city, you should register at the local Public Security Bureau for your moving in within 10 days.

8. Generally it takes one week for BPSB to handle extension, alteration or moving in/out.

9. Neither the passport nor the ID Card can be altered or damaged, Good care must be taken of the Foreign Residence Permit. The loss of it must be reported to ISO and declared in the newspaper at once, and a new application should be made in no time.

10. Seek help from ISO whenever you need.